Our values


Fruy wants to prove that catering doesn’t have to be boring, bland, or uniform. The crew delivers meticulous custom-made delicacies, with respect for all your senses. Xavier and Ann work together with you and focus on the total project. Their personal approach gives you the opportunity to think through the event and food choices until you’re entirely satisfied. Fruy Catering is extremely flexible. They strive to ensure perfection in what the customer tastes, feels, sees and smells.


Xavier and Ann like to surround themselves with young talent from all around Flanders. Their mission is to translate the quality and style of haute cuisine restaurants into catering, even if that means making fresh mayonnaise for 18.000 people. They work with a large crew, which results in creative haute cuisine thanks to everyone’s inspiring input. Lobster and caviar are an option, but are not indispensable to come to a delicious result. Xavier is in charge of the concept. He’s constantly looking for the pearls in the oysters. And he’s also still into a casual kitchen jam session, starting from around 40 people.


Xavier Fruy likes to try the latest trends, but does not neglect the classics, which are given a modern finishing touch. He works with seasonal ingredients, as he strives to preserve the fresh taste of regional products. No papaya from the Amazon, but pears from Limburg. Xavier believes that cooking is the art of mixing flavours without neglecting the main ingredients.


Xavier and his team cook with respect for the environment. Disposable packaging is limited, fish are given the opportunity to reproduce and with the compost they nourish the kitchen garden with over 80 varieties of herbs: Starflower, Indian cress, cicely, nepeta… Music to Xavier’s ears. Food that is original and ecological while remaining affordable, that is what Xavier and his team practice.