Xavier Fruy & Ann Verduyn: together strong

Xavier Fruy and Ann Verduyn are a unique, hard-working duo. They both defend the honour of four generations of a hard-working small business. When they met, they decided to join forces and start a business together. Xavier works passionately in the kitchen, while Ann cares for the customers.


1898: Raymond Fruy slijpt voor het eerst de messen.

Raymond wet the knives ofBoucher Fruy for the first time in the Budastraat in Kortrijk. His son George and grandson Robert follow in his footsteps. They are the first to introduce novelties, such as chicken in the fifties.


1976: Xavier ziet het levenslicht in slagerij Fruy.

Xavier was born into the butcher’s shop Fruy, which would also be the name of his future catering business. As a small boy, he lead the family barbecues. During his training at the catering school Ter Duinen, he completed a prestigious internship with Stéphane Raimbault. The French chef owned a two-star restaurant and taught Xavier style and perfection.


1996: Xavier start de broodjeszaak 2xFruy.

After his training, Xavier began the sandwich bar 2xFruy, that quickly became an appreciated partner for companies. Every day at noon, the shop prepared more than a thousand sandwiches.



2000: Xavier tekt naar Frankrijk en schopt het tot Chef de Partie bij topkok Michel Rostang.

Sandwiches no longer constituted a challenge for Xavier. His curiosity, thirst for knowledge, and eagerness allowed him to seek new adventures in the brighter region of Biarritz, where he had the opportunity to fully develop his culinary talent. He eventually returned closer to home, where he worked as chef de partie withMichel Rostang in Paris.


2006: Xavier start Fruy Finest Food Catering.

Xavier felt a new entrepreneurial itch and Fruy Finest Food Catering was born. They worked from the Budastraat, but soon they conquered all of Flanders. Without a precise strategy, they do both private dinners as well as catering for large groups. Word of mouth did the rest.



The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but in the case of Ann Verduyn, that may be the other way round. With Ann, chef Xavier welcomed an extra pair of eyes to steer events in the right direction. She was the missing link between the kitchen and the customer. They take on a new challenge. They now aim to serve larger and more diverse locations and therefore move to a new building in Heule.



The very first reception they catered for, their knees were trembling. Now however, the entire team is ready for events of 2000 people and more. Xavier Fruy is no longer the carefree surfer he used to be. He now seeks together witch his chefs and maitre d’hotel the satisfaction elsewhere, in the positive feedback after yet another successful event. A silver medal at the Horeca Awards is a big first achievement. Now they go for gold. More than 400 events a year in Belgium, France and Germany are no problem for this team.