Déjeuner sur l’Herbe
This lunch is but one example of what Fruy Catering can do for you. Baskets full of delicacies await you at the perfect picnic spot. Wine, bread and boursin are a given, but there’s much more to a traditionally French picnic. Little transparent bowls with vegetables allow a personal touch on their brand. It’s a bonus if the weather is good, but if not, Xavier always has a plan B.

The world at your feet and on your plate
Argentina, Italy or Asia? Your plate, the scenery and the service will inspire you. An example: Xavier searches for all the appropriate and authentic cooking equipment. He buys his wok pan in a Chinese store, even if that store is on the other side of the country. You can choose from chicken, scampi or beef and your choice is prepared right before your eyes. The wok cardboard cups can be printed with your logo or your name. Chopsticks are available, however the crew also has wooden forks, just in case.